Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know about this Hallmark Mystery TV movie

Mysteries have a way of captivating our imagination, and when it comes to a thrilling whodunit, Hallmark Mystery has a new offering that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. “Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder” is set to hit our screens soon, promising an intriguing blend of suspense, drama, and detective work. Let’s delve into what we know about this exciting TV movie.

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Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Release Date

Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder is set to premiere on Friday, June 7, 2024. This captivating mystery will unfold on Hallmark Mystery, promising viewers an evening filled with suspense and intrigue. For those eager to get a sneak peek, Hallmark Movies Now subscribers will have early access to the movie starting May 16.

Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Cast

The cast of “Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder” is packed with talent, bringing together familiar faces and fresh talent to breathe life into this captivating story. Leading the pack is the talented Holland Roden, known for her roles in “Teen Wolf” and “Lost,” portraying the character of Maddie Moore. Alongside her is Chris McNally, a favorite from “When Calls the Heart” and “Firefly Lane,” stepping into the role of Detective Beeks.

Supporting the leads are Cardi Wong, recognized from “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and “Supergirl,” and Sarah Formosa, whose previous credits include “Schmigadoon!” and “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.” Together, this ensemble cast promises to deliver a memorable performance that will keep audiences hooked from start to finish.


Set in the bustling city of Detroit, “Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder” follows the story of Maddie Moore, a dedicated concierge at a local hotel who also moonlights at the Detroit Free Press in their tipline department. Her nights typically involve fielding calls about everything from alien sightings to lost cats. However, when Maddie receives a cryptic call warning of a jewelry heist, she is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Despite her efforts to alert the police, Maddie’s tip falls on deaf ears until she crosses paths with Detective Beeks, a newly promoted officer who initially dismisses her concerns. Undeterred, Maddie takes matters into her own hands, using her keen instincts and resourcefulness to uncover the truth. As the investigation unfolds, Maddie and Detective Beeks reluctantly join forces, leading them down a perilous path where danger lurks at every turn.

How to Watch Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder

For those eager to unravel the mystery ahead of its premiere on Hallmark Mystery, early access to “Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder” will be available to Hallmark Movies Now subscribers starting May 16. Whether you prefer to watch from the comfort of your home or on the go, Hallmark Movies Now offers the perfect opportunity to catch this captivating TV movie before it hits the airwaves.

Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder promises to be a thrilling addition to the Hallmark Mystery lineup, with its blend of suspenseful storytelling and standout performances from its talented cast. So, prepare to unravel the mystery of “Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder.”
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