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Sunrise Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need to Know

In the realm of cinema, the horror thriller genre has always captivated audiences with its blend of suspense, fear, and gripping storylines. Coming to theaters and digital platforms in 2024 is “Sunrise,” a film that promises to uphold this tradition. Directed by Andrew Baird and written by Ronan Blaney, “Sunrise” is set to be a noteworthy addition to the horror thriller genre, boasting an intriguing plot and a talented cast.

Sunrise Movie Release Date

The anticipation is building for January 19, 2024, when “Sunrise” will make its debut. The film is slated for a limited theatrical release, ensuring that it reaches a wide audience. Additionally, for those who prefer the comfort of their homes, “Sunrise” will also be available on various digital platforms, offering a convenient viewing experience.

Sunrise Movie Cast And Crew

The Sunrise movie boasts an impressive cast and crew, bringing together a mix of established and emerging talent in the film industry. Here’s a detailed list of the key members:

  • Alex Pettyfer as Fallon – Known for his roles in action and drama films, Pettyfer plays the lead character, Fallon, who grapples with a tragic past.
  • Guy Pearce as Reynolds – Pearce, a versatile and acclaimed actor, takes on the role of Reynolds, a central figure in the narrative.
  • Olwen Fouéré as Ma Reynolds – Fouéré, a seasoned actress, plays Ma Reynolds.
  • Kurt Yaeger as Gillespie – Yaeger, who has appeared in several films and TV series, portrays the character of Gillespie.
  • Crystal Yu as Yan Loi – Yu, brings to life the character of Yan Loi, adding to the depth of the story.
  • William Gao as Edward – Gao plays the role of Edward, further enriching the narrative.
  • Forrest Bothwell as Petrie – Bothwell’s role adds another layer to the film’s dynamic ensemble.
  • Richard Pettyfer as Sam – Pettyfer joins the cast in the role of Sam.
  • Riley Chung as Emily – Chung plays the character of Emily, contributing to the film’s diverse cast.
  • Chike Chan as Mr. Loi – Chan portrays Mr. Loi, adding to the film’s compelling storyline.
  • Tamara Chanel White as Clare Fallon – White takes on the role of Clare Fallon.


  • Andrew Baird – Director – Baird, known for his directorial skills, leads the creative vision of the movie.
  • Ronan Blaney – Screenwriter – Blaney crafts the screenplay, setting the foundation for the film’s narrative.
  • Ivan Abel – Cinematographer – Abel is responsible for the visual storytelling of the film.
  • Helen Sheridan and John Walters – Editors – Sheridan and Walters work together to shape the film’s final structure.
  • Andrew Simon McAllister – Music – McAllister composes the film’s score, adding an auditory depth to the experience.
  • Alex Pettyfer, Martin Brennan, Jib Polhemus – Producers – This team oversees the production, ensuring the film’s vision comes to fruition.

The film is a collaborative effort of these talented individuals, who bring their unique skills and perspectives to create a captivating horror thriller experience. Each member plays a crucial role in crafting the essence of “Sunrise,” making it a film to look forward to in 2024.

Sunrise Movie Plot

At the heart of “Sunrise” is a narrative that intertwines horror elements with emotional depth. The plot unfolds in a rural town that becomes the hunting ground for a vampire. Fallon, grappling with the loss of his family at the hands of the ruthless Reynolds, traverses this town as a tormented soul. His journey as a creature of the night is complicated when he encounters a compassionate immigrant family, leading to a story that explores themes of revenge, redemption, and the human condition. This intricate plot is expected to engage audiences, providing not just thrills but also a poignant reflection on loss and choice.

How to Watch Sunrise Movie

For those eager to immerse themselves in the chilling world of “Sunrise,” the film will be accessible in select theaters, providing an opportunity for a classic cinematic experience. Additionally, the movie’s availability on various digital platforms will cater to a broader audience, ensuring that no one misses out on this thrilling narrative. Viewers can check local listings or digital services for availability and plan their viewing accordingly.

Sunrise” is poised to be a film that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. With its compelling storyline, an ensemble of talented actors, and the visionary direction of Andrew Baird, the movie is more than just a horror thriller; it’s a cinematic journey through the darker aspects of human nature and the choices that define us. For enthusiasts of the horror genre and cinematic storytelling, “Sunrise” is not just a film to watch; it’s an experience to anticipate and savor in 2024.

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