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Perimeter TV Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know

In a landscape brimming with television series vying for viewers’ attention, “Perimeter” emerges as a beacon of drama, set to captivate audiences with its rich narrative and complex characters. This upcoming drama TV series, slated for release on February 29, 2024, is already the talk of the town, promising a blend of intrigue, emotion, and compelling storytelling. Directed and created by Armani Ortiz, whose prior work includes co-directing “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story,” “Perimeter” is set to bolster BET+’s lineup of original series, showcasing a narrative that delves deep into the lives of its characters, setting a new benchmark for drama series.

Perimeter TV Series Release Date

Mark your calendars for February 29, 2024, as Perimeter makes its highly anticipated debut on BET+. The choice of BET+ as the platform for its premiere underscores a strategic move to leverage the network’s growing portfolio of original content, aimed at offering diverse and dynamic storytelling that resonates with a broad audience.

Perimeter TV Series Cast And Crew

Perimeter boasts a dynamic cast, blending seasoned actors with new talents, each bringing their unique flair to the series:


  • Tatyana Ali as Connie Dawn: A central figure whose depth and complexity add to the narrative’s intrigue.
  • Evan Gamble as Nathan: Brings a nuanced performance to the series, contributing to its emotional depth.
  • Sharon Conley as Lauren Thompson: A character that adds significant drama and tension to the storyline.
  • West Montez as Romeo: Injects charisma and conflict, enriching the plot’s dynamics.
  • Jordan Coleman as Evelyn: A pivotal character whose storyline intertwines with the main narrative, adding layers to the drama.
  • Donovan Christie Jr. as Robert Dawn: Plays a key role in driving the political undercurrents of the series.
  • Jalen Gilbert as Jonathan: Another integral character contributing to the series’ complex relationships and conflicts.
  • Shawn Vaughn as Justin: Adds to the series’ ensemble with a compelling performance.
  • Malcolm Xavier as Malcolm: Brings depth to the series with a character that has a significant impact.
  • Ava Mone’t as Paige Dawn: A central character whose journey is at the heart of the series’ plot.
  • Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr. as Undercover Officer: Adds an element of suspense and intrigue to the storyline.


  • Directed by Armani Ortiz: The visionary behind the series, Ortiz’s direction is pivotal in bringing the narrative to life.
  • Writing Credits Armani Ortiz: Not only directing but also creating the series, Ortiz’s storytelling sets the tone for the drama.
  • Executive Producers:
    • Armani Ortiz: As an executive producer, Ortiz ensures the series’ vision and quality.
    • Tyler Perry: Perry’s involvement brings a level of expertise and recognition to the project.
    • Asante White: Contributes to the series’ development and production quality.
    • Deance Wyatt: Plays a crucial role in the production and development of the series.
  • Cinematography by Michael Dallatorre: Dallatorre’s work captures the series’ tone and atmosphere, contributing significantly to its visual storytelling.
  • Camera and Electrical Department:
    • Ivan Gatti as first assistant camera: Gatti’s technical skills enhance the series’ cinematographic quality.
    • Don Powell as gaffer: Powell’s expertise in lighting contributes to the ambiance and mood of the series.

This cast and crew list highlights the diverse talents involved in bringing “Perimeter” to life, from seasoned actors to skilled professionals behind the camera. Their collective efforts promise a compelling and high-quality drama series​​.


Set against the backdrop of 1990s Atlanta, “Perimeter” centers on the Dawn family, embroiled in a narrative that explores themes of ambition, love, and the complexities of familial bonds. At the heart of the story is Paige Dawn, a sophomore at Spelman College, whose life spirals after an encounter with a so-called “bad boy.” This personal drama is interwoven with the political ambitions of her father, Councilman Robert Dawn, creating a tapestry of narratives that examine the personal costs of ambition and the search for identity amidst the trials of life.

Episode Guide

The “Perimeter” TV series kicks off with a captivating collection of episodes, each weaving together personal dilemmas, political intrigue, and the complexities of law enforcement within the urban tapestry of Atlanta. Here’s a brief guide to the initial episodes, offering a glimpse into the drama that unfolds.

Episode 1: To Whom It May Concern

This episode introduces us to Paige, who is entangled in a secretive relationship with Malcolm. Meanwhile, Robert faces escalating financial pressures, and Lauren steps into her new role as police captain, gearing up for her inaugural sting operation. The episode sets the stage for the series by presenting the characters’ personal and professional challenges.

Episode 2: To Whom It May Concern

In a continuation of the complex dynamics set out in the first episode, Robert finds his political aspirations thwarted by a lack of support. Lauren delivers an impassioned swearing-in speech, signaling her dedication and leadership. Jonathan, taking a proactive stance, decides to take matters into his own hands, and Malcolm seeks to create a memorable evening for Paige, despite the looming shadows over their relationship.

Episode 3: Help Me

The narrative deepens as Lauren confronts Sgt. Smith over the shortcomings of a sting operation. Romeo opens up to Justin about his family’s difficulties, adding another layer to the interconnected lives of the characters. Malcolm finds himself dodging Paige’s concerns as he scrambles to secure legal assistance for Jonathan, illustrating the tangled web of personal connections and legal entanglements.

Episode 4: Help Me

As Malcolm grapples with disheartening legal advice, Lauren extends an intriguing offer to Jonathan. Paige and Romeo share a moment of connection, further intertwining the lives of the characters. Meanwhile, Robert’s political journey takes a hopeful turn with the introduction of a potential ally, hinting at new alliances and future challenges.

These episodes collectively paint a picture of individuals caught amid personal trials, political ambitions, and the pursuit of justice. “Perimeter” promises to be a series filled with drama, suspense, and the exploration of the human condition amidst the backdrop of societal pressures.

How to Watch Perimeter TV Series

Perimeter will be available for streaming exclusively on BET+. This platform has been steadily building a library of original content, and “Perimeter” is set to be one of its flagship releases for 2024. Viewers looking to dive into this drama series will need a subscription to BET+ to access it upon its release.

“Perimeter” stands on the threshold of its 2024 release as a beacon of dramatic storytelling. It promises to deliver a series rich with emotional depth, complex characters, and a narrative that captures the essence of human experience. With its talented cast, creative direction, and the backdrop of 1990s Atlanta, the series is poised to become a staple for drama enthusiasts and a testament to the storytelling prowess of BET+. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for a series that promises not just to tell a story, but to evoke the spectrum of human emotion, making “Perimeter” a must-watch series for the coming year.

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