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Paging Mr. Darcy Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything Need To Know

Immerse yourself in the charming world of Paging Mr. Darcy TV movie, a Hallmark Channel original that takes you on a delightful journey, combining the allure of Jane Austen’s timeless stories with the complexities of modern love. This upcoming TV movie promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of romance and literature.

Paging Mr. Darcy Release Date

Set your calendars for February 3, 2024, as “Paging Mr. Darcy” makes its grand debut. This date marks the premiere of a story that intertwines the classic themes of Jane Austen with contemporary narrative, offering viewers a refreshing take on romantic storytelling.

Paging Mr. Darcy Cast And Crew

At the heart of this movie are the talented Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp, who bring the main characters to life with their dynamic performances. Jansen, known for her roles in “Francesca Quinn, PI” and “The Big Leap,” portrays Professor Eloise Cavendish, a skeptical literary professor. Kemp, celebrated for his roles in “A Not So Royal Christmas” and “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” takes on the role of Sam, the charming Mr. Darcy impersonator. The film also features David Pinard, known for “UnPerfect Christmas Wish” and “The Boys,” among others. These actors, along with a skilled supporting cast, weave together a story of love and transformation.

Here’s a detailed list of the cast and crew for the TV movie “Paging Mr. Darcy”:


  • Mallory Jansen as Eloise Cavendish: Known for roles in “Francesca Quinn, PI” and “The Big Leap”.
  • Will Kemp as Sam Lee: Recognized for his performances in “A Not So Royal Christmas” and “A Merry Scottish Christmas”.
  • David Pinard: Portraying a charming character, known for “UnPerfect Christmas Wish” and “The Boys”.
  • Jinny Wong as Annabelle: A part of the ensemble cast.
  • Additional cast members: Lillian Doucet-Roche, Robert Notman, Carolyn Scott, among others​​​​.


  • Directed by Peter Wellington: Bringing his directorial vision to the film.
  • Written by Reina Hardy: Scripting the movie with a unique take on Jane Austen’s themes.
  • Produced by:
    • Hayden Baptiste
    • Shane Boucher
    • Caitlin Delaney
    • Gaylyn Fraiche (Executive Producer)
  • Music by:
    • Anne-Kathrin Dern
    • David Kudell
  • Edited by Ann Foo
  • Production Design by Joey Gunn
  • Costume Design by Jennifer Stroud
  • Makeup Department:
    • Nakesha Chong (Department Head)
    • Alyssa ‘Aly’ Morden-Hayley (Makeup Artist)
    • Chancelle Mulela (Assistant Makeup Artist)
  • Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Patrick Garden
  • Art Department:
    • Lana Elizabeth Bateman (Graphic Designer)
    • Erika Hille (Graphic Designer)
    • William Mood (Construction Coordinator)
    • Christina Zeigler (Property Master)
  • Sound Department:
    • Abby Austria (Dialogue Editor)
    • Jon Lawless (Re-recording Mixer)
  • Special Effects by Mathieu Bissonnette-Bigras
  • Camera and Electrical Department: Albert Camicioli (Still Photographer)
  • Casting Department: Matthew Goudie (Casting Associate)
  • Costume and Wardrobe Department:
    • Jacob Johnston (Set Costumer)
    • Jasmine Murray-Bergquist (Assistant Costume Designer)
  • Editorial Department: Radin Salehi-Kani (1st Assistant Picture Editor)
  • Location Management: Dave Rose (Location Scout)
  • Music Department:
    • Andrea Higgins (Music Supervisor)
    • Simon Passmore (MIDI Programmer)
    • Shayla Swanson (Music Editor)
    • Kenny Wood (Additional Music)
  • Additional Crew:
    • Iwan Fay-Fright (Production Assistant)
    • Brynn Rhude (BG Wrangler)
    • Mark Stevens (Account Manager, Uncredited)​​.

This list encompasses the key individuals who have contributed to the making of Paging Mr. Darcy, showcasing a blend of experienced actors and a talented production team.


Paging Mr. Darcy revolves around Professor Eloise Cavendish, who, despite her reservations about the romantic themes of Jane Austen’s work, agrees to give a keynote speech at a Jane Austen conference. This decision leads her to an unexpected encounter with Sam, the event’s official Mr. Darcy impersonator. As their paths cross, they must navigate their prejudices and pride, discovering a shared belief in the power of love, much like the characters in Austen’s novels.


The trailer of Paging Mr. Darcy provides a glimpse into the movie’s elegant blend of Austen-inspired themes with a contemporary twist. It hints at the transformative journey of the characters, especially highlighting the chemistry between Jansen and Kemp. Their portrayal promises a captivating on-screen romance that honors the spirit of Austen’s work while exploring modern-day love.

How to Watch

As a Hallmark Channel original, Paging Mr. Darcy can be enjoyed on the Hallmark Channel. Make sure to check the channel’s schedule for the premiere and subsequent airings. This romantic journey is just a click away for viewers looking to indulge in a story of love, literature, and self-discovery.

Paging Mr. Darcy is more than just a TV movie; it’s a celebration of Jane Austen’s timeless appeal and the enduring belief in love. With a talented cast, a captivating plot, and the charming backdrop of Austen’s world, this movie is set to be a delightful treat for fans of romance and literature alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this enchanting tale of love and self-discovery.

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