Our Mother’s Secret Affair Release Date, Cast, And Everything About This TV Movie

Prepare to be drawn into a web of mystery and suspense with the upcoming TV movie, “Our Mother’s Secret Affair.” This action-packed crime drama promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its compelling storyline and talented cast. Let’s delve into everything we know about this highly anticipated film.

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Our Mother’s Secret Affair Release Date

Our Mother’s Secret Affair is set to premiere on May 2, 2024. Settle in for an unforgettable evening filled with thrills, twists, and memorable moments as this gripping drama unfolds on screens across the nation.

Our Mother’s Secret Affair Cast List

  • Ashley Leggat as Diana Parker: Portrays the central character, Diana, who is thrust into a world of danger and deception.
  • Laura Provenzano as Kasey: Plays Kasey, Diana’s long-lost biological daughter, whose unexpected return sets off a chain of events.
  • Laura Afelskie as Francine: Takes on the role of Francine, Diana’s daughter, who finds herself caught in the crossfire of family secrets.
  • Andrea Pavlovic as Lynda: Brings Lynda to life, a character whose motives may hold the key to unraveling the mystery.
  • Tim Progosh as Andrew: Portrays Andrew, a figure from Diana’s past whose presence adds another layer of complexity to the story.


The story revolves around Diana Parker and her daughter Francine, whose lives are turned upside down when they discover that a home intruder is none other than Diana’s biological daughter, Kasey, given up for adoption years ago. As they attempt to reconcile with this shocking revelation, they find themselves targeted by a remorseless killer determined to stop the family reunion at any cost. With secrets unraveling and danger lurking at every turn, Diana and her daughters must fight for survival against an unseen adversary.

How to Watch Our Mother’s Secret Affair TV Movie

Tune in to “Our Mother’s Secret Affair” premiere on May 2, 2024, at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET on LMN. Don’t miss your chance to experience the suspense and drama unfold in real time as the Parker family navigates through a maze of deception and danger.

With a talented cast led by Ashley Leggat and supported by Laura Provenzano, Laura Afelskie, Andrea Pavlovic, and Tim Progosh, “Our Mother’s Secret Affair” promises to deliver a captivating and unforgettable viewing experience. Directed by Roxanne Boisvert and written by Stephen Romano, this suspenseful thriller is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the credits roll.

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