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‘Doctor Who’ Star Millie Gibson To Be Replaced By Varada Sethu After One Season

In a surprising turn of events, the iconic sci-fi series “Doctor Who” is undergoing a major shift, with Varada Sethu set to join Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor’s companion in the upcoming 15th season. This comes as Millie Gibson, who recently made her debut in the Christmas special, is being replaced after a single season.

Fans of the show, known for its time-traveling adventures and beloved characters, will witness Varada Sethu stepping into the TARDIS for Season 15. The news was confirmed by Variety, and it’s creating a buzz in the Whovian community.

Gibson, previously recognized for her role as Kelly Neelan in the popular British soap “Coronation Street,” brought a fresh energy to the series as companion Ruby Sunday. She is set to return for the upcoming 14th season, slated to release in May on the BBC in the U.K. and Disney+ internationally.

However, the focus shifts to Varada Sethu for Season 15, currently in production in Wales. Varada, known for her roles in “Andor” and “Mrs Sidhu Investigates,” will take on the role of Gatwa’s companion, adding a new dynamic to the Doctor’s adventures. While details about her character remain under wraps, sources confirm that Sethu’s talent has impressed both the cast and crew.

The decision to introduce a new companion was made by showrunner Russell T Davies, who returned to helm the series and is set to write and executive produce the upcoming seasons in collaboration with Bad Wolf.

Season 14 promises exciting guest appearances, including Yasmin Finney, Bonnie Langford, Jonathan Groff, and Indira Varma, marking the show’s 60th anniversary celebration.

As for Millie Gibson’s departure, sources reveal that it was a strategic move by Davies to keep the narrative dynamic and fresh. Gibson, who will not feature in the 2024 Christmas special, leaves behind an engaging legacy as Ruby Sunday.

Varada Sethu’s addition to the Doctor Who universe has generated enthusiasm among fans and her charm is expected to resonate with viewers as she embarks on thrilling adventures through time and space alongside Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor.

The BBC and Bad Wolf have not officially commented on the changes, but the transition is eagerly anticipated by the ever-passionate Doctor Who fandom. Stay tuned for more updates as Season 15 continues its production journey, promising a new era of excitement in the Whoniverse.

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