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Lisa Frankenstein: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything Need To Know

Anticipation is building for “Lisa Frankenstein,” a film that promises to blend horror, comedy, and romance uniquely and compellingly. This upcoming movie, directed by the talented Zelda Williams in her feature debut and penned by the acclaimed Diablo Cody, known for “Jennifer’s Body,” is already stirring interest with its distinctive premise and notable cast. Set to offer a refreshing twist to the Frankenstein narrative, the film is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of genres and stylistic flair.

Lisa Frankenstein Release Date

The release of “Lisa Frankenstein” is set for February 9, 2024, providing an alternative cinematic experience just in time for Valentine’s Day. This timing is strategic, offering a departure from the typical romantic movies that dominate this season, and inviting audiences to explore a mix of horror and comedy in a love story setting. The release date places the film in a prime spot, allowing it to leverage the holiday’s audience while offering something uniquely its own.

Lisa Frankenstein Cast

Here is the full cast and crew list for “Lisa Frankenstein,” along with some details about their roles and previous work:


  • Kathryn Newton as Lisa Swallows: Known for her roles in “Gary Unmarried,” “The Society,” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”
  • Cole Sprouse as The Creature: Rose to fame with “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Riverdale.”
  • Liza Soberano: A Filipino-American actress, model, and singer making her Hollywood feature debut.
  • Carla Gugino: Recognized for her roles in the “Spy Kids” trilogy, “Night at the Museum,” and “The Haunting of Hill House.”
  • Joe Chrest as Lisa’s dad Dale: Known for “21 Jump Street,” “Oldboy,” and as Ted Wheeler in “Stranger Things.”
  • Henry Eikenberry: Featured in “Euphoria.”
  • Jenna Davis: Recognized as the voice of “M3GAN.”


  • Director: Zelda Williams: Making her feature-length directorial debut.
  • Screenwriter: Diablo Cody: Known for writing “Jennifer’s Body,” “Juno,” “Tully,” and “Young Adult.”
  • Producer: Mason Novick: Has previously collaborated with Diablo Cody.
  • Production Companies: Focus Features, MXN Entertainment.

This talented group brings a diverse range of experiences to “Lisa Frankenstein,” promising an exciting and unique film​​​​​​.

Lisa Frankenstein Plot

Set in 1989, “Lisa Frankenstein” tells the story of an unpopular high schooler who accidentally resurrects a handsome Victorian corpse during a storm. Far from panicking, she decides to mold him into her ideal man. This narrative spins a comedic and horror-laced yarn, offering a fresh take on the iconic Frankenstein tale, infused with modern sensibilities and humor.

Trailer Review

The trailer, released in early January 2024, hints at a film balancing the whimsical and the satirical. Director Zelda Williams, in her tweets, has cited influences like “Edward Scissorhands,” “Weird Science,” and “Death Becomes Her,” suggesting a fusion of light-hearted horror and satirical comedy. The trailer promises a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously while offering a fresh, entertaining narrative.

How to Watch Lisa Frankenstein Movie

As it stands, “Lisa Frankenstein” is scheduled for a theatrical release. This means audiences will have the opportunity to experience this unique genre blend on the big screen. Given the film’s blend of horror, comedy, and romance, watching it in a theater could enhance the overall experience, making it a notable entry in one’s movie-going calendar for 2024.

“Lisa Frankenstein” stands out as a film worth watching. With its unique positioning as a horror-comedy-romance, it promises to offer something different from the usual movie fare. The strategic release date, intriguing plot, and a cast that blends emerging and established talents all point to a movie that could become a memorable cinematic experience. Whether it’s for a date night or an alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day romantic films, “Lisa Frankenstein” appears poised to offer a delightful mix of laughter, scares, and perhaps a bit of romance​​​​​​​​.

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