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Kelly Clarkson Shares How She Dropped Weight

Kelly Clarkson has been open about her weight loss journey, sharing her strategies and motivations with fans and the media. Over the past few months, the singer and talk show host has credited her weight loss to several key lifestyle changes, particularly her move from Los Angeles to New York City.

One significant factor in her weight loss has been the increase in her physical activity. Living in New York City means she walks much more than she did in Los Angeles. “Walking in the city is quite the workout,” Clarkson mentioned, highlighting the natural exercise she gets just by navigating the bustling streets of New York​.

In addition to walking, Clarkson has incorporated wellness practices such as infrared saunas and cold plunges into her routine. These methods are popular for their potential health benefits, including weight loss and improved circulation​.

The diet also played a crucial role in her transformation. Clarkson revealed that she had to listen to her doctor and adopt a more protein-rich diet while reducing her carb intake. She emphasized that this diet suits her well since she enjoys meat, aligning with her Texan roots​.

Interestingly, Clarkson’s weight loss journey was also influenced by a health scare. She was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, which served as a wake-up call. Although she initially delayed making changes, the looming risk of diabetes eventually motivated her to take action and commit to a healthier lifestyle​.

Clarkson’s move to New York and her subsequent lifestyle changes have not only helped her lose weight but have also improved her mental health. She has spoken about how the move allowed her and her children to engage more with their surroundings and lead a more active life, which has been beneficial for their overall well-being​.

Through these combined efforts of increased physical activity, dietary adjustments, and embracing new wellness practices, Kelly Clarkson has successfully managed her weight and health, proving that sustainable lifestyle changes can lead to significant improvements.

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