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Kelly Clarkson Is So Happy To Stop Spousal Support Payments

Kelly Clarkson, the renowned singer and talk show host, has recently marked a significant milestone in her personal life. As of January 2024, Clarkson has completed her spousal support payments to her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, a chapter she is undoubtedly relieved to close. This development comes after a prolonged and complex legal battle that followed their divorce.

Clarkson and Blackstock, who were married for nearly seven years, finalized their divorce in March 2022. The settlement of their divorce included several key aspects, such as custody of their children, spousal support, and division of property. As part of the agreement, Clarkson was required to pay Blackstock monthly spousal support of $115,000 until January 2024, in addition to a one-time, tax-free fee of $1,326,161. Additionally, Clarkson was granted primary custody of their two children, for whom she agreed to pay $45,601 a month in child support until they reach adulthood.

While the end of spousal support payments marks a significant relief for Clarkson, there are still some financial complications ahead. Blackstock has filed an appeal against a ruling from the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, which ordered him to return over $2.6 million in commissions he earned while acting as Clarkson’s manager without proper certification.

Despite these ongoing financial disputes, Clarkson has been focusing on her personal growth and professional endeavors. She has relocated to New York City with her children, transitioning the production of her show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” from Los Angeles. This move signifies a fresh start for Clarkson, who looks forward to a new chapter in her life with a sense of liberation and positivity.

Kelly Clarkson’s journey through these challenging times, including her divorce and its aftermath, showcases her resilience and determination to move forward with strength and grace. Her situation serves as a reminder of the complexities and emotional toll that can accompany such significant life changes, especially in the public eye. As she closes this chapter and embarks on a new beginning, Clarkson continues to inspire many with her ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with authenticity and courage.

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