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Forest Whitaker’s ex-wife Keisha Nash Whitaker has died of alcoholic liver disease

Keisha Nash Whitaker, known for her work in the entertainment industry and her marriage to renowned actor Forest Whitaker, tragically passed away at the age of 51 due to alcoholic liver disease. Her death has deeply affected her family, friends, and admirers within the entertainment community.

Keisha, who was married to Forest Whitaker for over two decades before their divorce in 2018, battled with alcoholic liver disease for several years. The official certificate of death issued by Los Angeles County also mentioned acute renal failure as a contributing factor to her passing. This condition was a symptom of anorexia, indicating the complexity of her health struggles.

Keisha’s impact on the entertainment industry was significant. Prior to her marriage to Forest Whitaker, she had a successful 15-year career as a model in Hollywood. Her legacy extends beyond her professional achievements, as she was also known for her loving and nurturing personality.

Her daughter, True Whitaker, shared heartfelt tributes to her mother on social media, expressing the profound loss and the loving memories she holds. True’s words reflect the deep bond she shared with her mother and the profound influence Keisha had on her life.

Forest and Keisha Whitaker first met on the set of the 1994 film ‘Blown Away’ and got married in 1996. Their relationship and subsequent split were marked by mutual respect and a shared commitment to their family, including their daughter, Sonnet, now 27 years old.

Keisha’s passing is a stark reminder of the severe consequences of long-term health issues like alcoholic liver disease. It also highlights the importance of awareness and support for those struggling with similar health challenges.

The entertainment industry mourns the loss of a talented and beloved figure, and her memory continues to be cherished by those who knew her. Her passing serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the impact one individual can have on the lives of many.

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