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Julia Roberts Praises Husband Danny Moder After 21 Years of Marriage

In the realm of Hollywood, where relationships often flicker like transient stars, the enduring marriage of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder shines brightly. Celebrating over two decades of togetherness, Roberts recently opened up about the secret to their marital bliss. During her appearance on the Today show, she affectionately referred to Moder as “our anchor” and “the captain of our ship,” highlighting his pivotal role in their family life. The couple, parents to Hazel Patricia, Phinnaeus Walter, and Henry Daniel, epitomizes the harmonious blend of professional success and personal happiness.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder
Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Roberts’ words resonate with warmth and admiration, “For me, understanding how deeply felt life could be, really started with him.” This statement encapsulates the profound impact Moder has had on her life, infusing it with a depth she attributes to their sweet connection. Their love story, blossoming on the set of ‘The Mexican’, led to a beautiful journey together, marrying in 2002 and raising three children.

The actress also shares her insights into parenting, emphasizing the importance of consistency both inside and outside the home. Her approach, filled with care and concern – from ensuring they get enough sleep to asking for a text to confirm they’re safe, reflects the nurturing environment she and Moder have created for their children.

Roberts humorously shares a piece of marriage advice from her sister, advocating for two bathroom sinks and two phone lines. However, she believes the essence of a happy marriage lies in choosing the right partner and the simple, yet profound acts of daily affection. “Lots of kissing hello and goodbye is really, I think, a critical detail to daily life… Everybody try it. Give it a week. Every time you say good morning, a hug and a kiss.”

This glimpse into their life reveals a couple deeply in love, grounded by shared values and mutual respect. As Roberts and Moder continue their journey, they serve as a testament to the power of love, understanding, and the little things that make a big difference in a relationship.

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