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Elsbeth Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything Need To Know

Elsbeth takes its name from its protagonist, Elsbeth Tascioni, portrayed by the talented Carrie Preston. Fans of The Good Wife and The Good Fight will recall Elsbeth as the quirky, brilliant attorney whose methods, although unconventional, often led to unexpected victories. The series explores her transition from Chicago’s legal scenes to the gritty streets of New York, where her unique skills face new challenges and opportunities.

Elsbeth TV Series Release Date

Scheduled for a grand premiere on February 29, 2024, Elsbeth is poised to become a staple of CBS’s primetime lineup. This strategic release date allows the series to capitalize on the midseason window, offering fresh content for audiences seeking new narratives.

Elsbeth TV Series Cast And Crew List

For the Elsbeth TV series, the cast and crew bring together a mix of familiar faces and fresh talents, all under the creative direction of experienced producers and writers known for their previous work in critically acclaimed series. Here’s a comprehensive list based on the available information:


  • Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni: Leading the cast, Preston reprises her role as the quirky and brilliant attorney known from The Good Wife and The Good Fight.
  • Wendell Pierce as Captain C.W. Wagner: Pierce plays the NYPD captain, a charismatic leader who works closely with Elsbeth.
  • Carra Patterson as Officer Kaya Blanke: Patterson’s character is a stoic and principled officer who comes to appreciate Elsbeth’s unconventional methods.
  • Guest Stars:
    • Jesse Tyler Ferguson
    • Jane Krakowski
    • Blair Underwood
    • Retta
    • Linda Lavin

These guest stars add depth and variety to the series, contributing to specific episodes and story arcs with their unique characters.


  • Robert King and Michelle King: Served as executive producers and writers for the series. Known for their work on The Good Wife and The Good Fight, they bring a wealth of experience in creating compelling legal dramas.
  • Jonathan Tolins: Acting as the showrunner, Tolins is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the series, guiding its creative direction alongside the Kings.
  • Liz Glotzer: Along with the Kings and Tolins, Glotzer is an executive producer, contributing to the strategic vision and production quality of the series.


  • Robert King: Not only contributing as a writer and producer, King also directs episodes, starting with the pilot, setting the tone and style for the series.

This list highlights the core team responsible for bringing Elsbeth to life. With a blend of seasoned actors and creative minds behind the scenes, the series aims to offer a fresh perspective on legal and detective work, rooted in the rich character study of Elsbeth Tascioni. The inclusion of high-profile guest stars further underscores the show’s ambition to create memorable, dynamic storytelling.


At its heart, Elsbeth is a procedural drama that delves into the life of Elsbeth Tascioni as she embarks on a new chapter in New York City. Armed with her exceptional legal mind and observational prowess, Elsbeth navigates the intricate web of crime and justice in the city. The series opener sets the tone with a gripping case involving the mysterious death of a college theater student, pushing Elsbeth to match wits with a charismatic theater director she suspects is involved. This plotline is symbolic of the show’s essence, blending intellectual detective work with legal strategy and personal drama.

How to Watch Elsbeth TV Series

Catch “Elsbeth” live on CBS on Thursdays at 10:00 PM ET/PT starting February 29, 2024. Elsbeth will be accessible to a broad audience through its broadcast on CBS, ensuring that viewers with traditional cable or satellite services can tune in to the premiere and weekly episodes. Additionally, for a more flexible viewing experience, the series is expected to be available on Paramount+, allowing for streaming on demand. So, subscribe to Paramount+ or tune in to CBS to witness Elsbeth’s captivating return to the screen.

In Elsbeth, CBS presents a series that not only promises to be a vehicle for Carrie Preston’s talents but also a fresh take on the procedural drama genre. By focusing on a character beloved for her intellect and unconventional methods, the show offers a compelling mix of legal challenges, detective work, and personal dynamics set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. With an intriguing plot, a strong cast, and the promise of high-stakes drama, Elsbeth is poised to captivate viewers, promising to be a standout addition to the 2024 television landscape.

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