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Daniel Day-lewis Breaks From Retirement To Fete Martin Scorsese At National Board Of Review Awards

In a surprising turn of events, the acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis emerged from his retirement to honor the esteemed director Martin Scorsese at the National Board of Review Awards. This unexpected appearance at the event in midtown Manhattan was a significant highlight of the evening.

Day-Lewis, who had retired from acting following his role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 film “Phantom Thread,” had since maintained a low public profile. His presence at the gala, held at Cipriani’s 42nd Street, marked a rare public appearance. Seated next to Scorsese throughout the evening, Day-Lewis later took the stage to present the award for Best Director to Scorsese. His speech was a heartfelt tribute, reflecting on his discovery of Scorsese’s work during his teenage years and expressing deep admiration for the director’s unique and compelling storytelling in film.

Scorsese’s latest work, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” was the major honoree of the night, receiving accolades for Best Film and Best Director. The film’s impact was palpable in the room, and Scorsese’s acceptance of the award was a moment of mutual respect and admiration between him and Day-Lewis. Scorsese reciprocated Day-Lewis’s sentiments, acknowledging their collaborative experiences as some of the most rewarding of his career.

The event was not just about honoring past collaborations but also teased the possibility of future projects. When Scorsese, with a hint of humor, suggested there might be time for one more collaboration, the audience responded with excitement, and Day-Lewis playfully entertained the idea.

The National Board of Review Awards gala was also notable for other emotional moments and reunions. Michael J. Fox, who received a standing ovation, spoke movingly about his experiences with Parkinson’s disease, describing it as a gift that offered him a platform to inspire and educate others. Additionally, the evening saw reunions like Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo, co-stars from “You Can Count on Me,” and Patti Smith presenting the best-actress award to Lily Gladstone.

The event was a celebration not just of cinematic achievements but also of the personal and professional relationships that form the backbone of the film industry. Day-Lewis’s appearance and his warm tribute to Scorsese encapsulated the spirit of the evening, highlighting the enduring bonds and mutual respect that exist among cinema’s greatest talents​​​​.

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