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Choi Min-hwan And Yulhee Announce Divorce After 5 Years Of Marriage

In a development that has captured the attention of K-pop fans worldwide, Choi Min-hwan, a member of the Korean rock band FT Island, and Yulhee, formerly of the K-pop girl group LABOUM, have announced their decision to divorce after five years of marriage. This news has been widely covered in the media, with various outlets detailing the circumstances and implications of their separation.

Choi Min-hwan And Yulhee

Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee first made their relationship public in 2017, after Yulhee posted photos of them together on Instagram. Their journey together saw them welcoming three children into their lives: Choi Ja-yeul, who is five years old, and twin daughters Choi A-yoon and Choi A-rin, both two years old. The couple got married in January 2018, shortly before the birth of their first child in May 2018. Yulhee, who debuted with LABOUM in 2014, left the group after revealing her relationship with Min-hwan​​.

The announcement of their divorce was made on December 4, 2023, with both Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee sharing heartfelt messages on their respective social media accounts. Choi Min-hwan expressed his gratitude to their family, team members, and fans for supporting their decision to start a family at a young age. He apologized sincerely and committed to doing his best as a father to ensure that their children do not carry any emotional scars​​​​.

Yulhee also addressed the divorce, stating that after careful consideration, they decided it was best for the children to continue living in the familiar space they have known. She is making efforts to spend time with the children regularly, ensuring that the absence of a mother is not keenly felt. The couple has agreed that Choi Min-hwan will have custody of the three children, with Yulhee actively participating in their lives to minimize any practical and psychological disruptions​​​​.

This decision marks the end of a significant chapter in both their personal and public lives. Fans and followers of Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee have expressed their support and wishes for their new paths ahead. The couple’s journey, from their public relationship announcement to the birth of their children and now their divorce, has been followed closely by fans, reflecting the intense public interest in the personal lives of K-pop stars​​​​.

The separation of Choi Min-hwan and Yulhee is a reminder of the unique challenges faced by public figures in balancing their personal lives with their professional careers. Their commitment to co-parenting and prioritizing the well-being of their children is commendable and has been highlighted in their statements. As they embark on their respective new paths, their fans and the public continue to show support and understanding for their decision.

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