Cabrini Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything Need To Know

In the heart of New York City’s history, amidst the trials and tribulations of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century, emerges the inspiring tale of Francesca Cabrini. This remarkable woman’s journey is the focus of the much-anticipated drama movie “Cabrini.” Directed by Alejandro Monteverde and starring an ensemble cast, this film is poised to captivate audiences with its portrayal of faith, courage, and unwavering commitment to the marginalized. Before you watch this amazing drama movie, you need to know about Cabrini movie release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything. So let’s dive in.

Cabrini Movie Release Date

Cabrini, a captivating drama movie scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, March 8th, 2024, coinciding beautifully with International Women’s Day. This movie promises to be a celebration of female empowerment and resilience. This strategic timing underscores the film’s homage to Cabrini’s influential legacy as a champion for immigrants and the needy.

Who stars in Cabrini Movie: Cast List

The movie “Cabrini” boasts an impressive cast, bringing together a mix of international and seasoned actors to portray the story of Francesca Cabrini and her impact on the immigrant community in New York City. Here’s a detailed look at the main cast members:

  • Cristiana Dell’Anna as Cabrini: Dell’Anna is an Italian actress known for her work in the action series “Gomorrah” and the film “Mr. Happiness.” Her portrayal of Cabrini is anticipated to be a deeply emotional and inspiring performance.
  • John Lithgow as Mayor Gould: Lithgow is a prolific, award-winning actor, writer, and producer with more than five decades of experience. He is known for his roles in “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “The Crown,” and “Terms of Endearment,” promising to add significant depth to the movie.
  • David Morse as Archbishop Corrigan: Morse is an award-winning actor with a rich career spanning several decades. His notable works include “The Green Mile,” “World War Z,” and “Contact,” bringing a wealth of experience to the film.
  • Giancarlo Giannini as Pope Leo XIII: Giannini is a talented Italian actor and director, recognized for his roles in Italy and as an Italian dubber for American blockbusters, including the James Bond franchise featuring Daniel Craig.
  • Federico Castelluccio as Senator Bodio: Castelluccio’s role as Senator Bodio adds a political dimension to the narrative, underscoring Cabrini’s interaction with governmental authorities.
  • Jeremy Bobb as Calloway: Bobb’s character, Calloway, adds depth to the story, likely contributing to the drama’s complex social interactions.
  • Katherine Boecher as American Nurse: Boecher’s role highlights the healthcare aspect of Cabrini’s work in New York.
  • Patch Darragh as Dr. Murphy: Darragh’s character, Dr. Murphy, likely plays a part in the medical challenges Cabrini encounters.
  • Sean Cullen as Peterson: Cullen’s role as Peterson adds to the array of characters that enrich the storyline.
  • Romana Maggiora Vergano as Vittoria: Vergano’s portrayal of Vittoria might reflect the personal relationships and support system around Cabrini.
  • Lukas Behnken as Friend of Drunk Businessman: Behnken’s role adds another layer to the narrative, possibly highlighting the societal issues of the time.
  • Dean Neistat as Festival Mounted Cop: Neistat’s character brings a law enforcement perspective to the film.
  • Victoria Martzloff as Wealthy American: Martzloff’s role as a Wealthy American could represent the societal elite Cabrini had to navigate.
  • Montserrat Espadalé as Sister Concetta: Espadalé plays Sister Concetta, likely showcasing the religious community’s role in Cabrini’s mission.
  • Tom Bauerle as Wealthy American: Bauerle’s role, similar to Martzloff’s, likely reflects the challenges Cabrini faced from the upper echelons of society.
  • Kevin Tanski as Officer Rentschler: Tanski’s portrayal of Officer Rentschler adds to the depiction of Cabrini’s interactions with law enforcement.
  • Federico Ielapi as Paolo: Ielapi’s role as Paolo brings a youthful perspective to Cabrini’s story.
  • Bill Smith as City Permit Clerk: Smith’s character provides a glimpse into the bureaucratic hurdles Cabrini encountered.

These actors, under the direction of Alejandro Monteverde and based on a screenplay by Monteverde and Rod Barr, bring the historical figure of Francesca Cabrini to life, exploring her mission, her challenges, and her enduring legacy. The cast’s diverse backgrounds and extensive experience contribute to a rich portrayal of the late 19th-century setting, making “Cabrini” a movie to look forward to for its storytelling and performances.

Plot: What’s The Story

The plot of “Cabrini” unfolds against the backdrop of 1889 New York City, a time when Italian immigrants faced immense challenges. Francesca Cabrini, moved by the plight of her compatriots, embarks on a daring mission to secure housing, healthcare, and education for the impoverished. Despite facing resistance from the government, the church, and pervasive bigotry, Cabrini’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering faith enable her to forge a legacy of compassion and change that resonates through the ages.


The “Cabrini” movie trailer is like a sneak peek into a story about Mother Cabrini, who’s about to go on a big mission to New York City. The trailer starts with her voice wondering if she’s ready for the huge task ahead in a city that sounds pretty tough and full of challenges. She faces a lot of people who don’t think she can do it because she’s a woman, but she’s super determined to show them they’re wrong.

The trailer makes everything look intense and exciting. It shows how Cabrini is standing up to the guys who doubt her and talks about how important her mission is. The music and sounds in the background make you feel like you’re right there with her, waiting to see what happens next.

You can tell the actors are really into their roles, and the way the trailer is shot makes everything look super cool, with lots of great shots that make the story feel alive. It’s a quick look at the movie, but it does a great job of making you want to watch the whole thing to see how Cabrini will make her mark in New York and prove everyone wrong.

In short, the “Cabrini” movie trailer is all about setting up this big adventure that Cabrini is about to take on, facing off against people who doubt her, and trying to make a difference. It looks like it’s going to be a movie full of drama and moments that keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting to see more.

Final Words

“Cabrini” is more than just a film; it’s a testament to the power of one person’s resolve to make a difference in the world. As we await its release, the story of Francesca Cabrini serves as a reminder of the impact compassion and determination can have on society. Whether through her efforts to provide for the needy or her legacy as the Patroness of Immigrants, Cabrini’s life is a beacon of hope and an inspiring tale that promises to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.