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Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold: Everything Need To Know

The world of documentary television is about to be elevated with the upcoming release of Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold, a gripping series that ventures into the uncharted territories of Greenland. This series not only highlights the extreme sport of climbing but also casts a spotlight on the pressing issue of climate change. Viewers are invited to embark on an exhilarating journey with Alex Honnold and his team as they tackle some of the most formidable climbs while unraveling the mysteries of our changing planet.

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold Release Date

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold premiered on the National Geographic Channel on February 4, 2024. Following its debut on television, the series became available for streaming on Hulu and Disney+ starting on February 5, 2024. This means that viewers had the option to watch it either on National Geographic when it first aired or stream it online the day after its TV premiere​​​​​​​​​​.


The cast and crew of Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold bring together a diverse group of individuals, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to the series. Here’s a detailed list:

  • Alex Honnold: Renowned for his role in “Free Solo,” Honnold is the central figure of this series. His expertise in rock climbing and his passion for environmental activism are pivotal to the narrative.
  • Hazel Findlay: A world-class climber joining Honnold on this expedition. Findlay is known for her exceptional climbing skills and experience in tackling challenging climbs.
  • Mikey Schaefer: Another world-class climber, Schaefer brings his extensive climbing experience and knowledge to the team, enhancing the expedition’s success potential.
  • Dr. Heïdi Sevestre: A glaciologist working with the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program. Dr. Sevestre’s expertise is crucial in providing scientific insights about the ice caps and the impact of climate change in Greenland.
  • Adam Kjeldsen: A Greenlandic guide, Kjeldsen’s regional knowledge and experience are vital for navigating the challenging terrain and conditions of Greenland.
  • Aldo Kane: A renowned adventurer known for his experiences in extreme environments. Kane adds an adventurous spirit and valuable survival skills to the team.

Together, this cast forms the core of Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold, each playing a significant role in the series’ exploration of unclimbed peaks in Greenland and the broader narrative of climate change’s impact on our planet.

Series Plot

“Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold” is more than a climbing adventure; it’s a profound exploration of the unclimbed peaks of Greenland, a region at the forefront of the climate crisis. The series follows Honnold and his team as they aim to summit Ingmikortilaq, an awe-inspiring Arctic sea cliff rising from Greenland’s frozen expanse. This mission is not just about conquering a physical challenge but also about understanding the effects of climate change in one of the world’s most critical and least understood regions.

Episode Guide

The series is structured into three captivating episodes, each presenting a different stage of the expedition:

  • 71 Degrees North – This episode marks the beginning of the expedition, setting the stage for the adventure that unfolds.
  • On Thin Ice – The team encounters perilous ice falls and navigates a treacherous icecap, adding an element of danger and suspense.
  • The Wall – Culminating in the team’s attempt to conquer the formidable 4000-foot sea wall, this episode promises to be a climax filled with intensity and emotion.

How to Watch

For those eager to witness this extraordinary journey, Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold will be available on the National Geographic Channel. Following the TV premiere, the series will also be accessible for streaming on Hulu and Disney+, making it easy for viewers to dive into this thrilling expedition from the comfort of their homes.

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold is set to be a landmark series in the world of documentary television. It’s a rare blend of extreme adventure, environmental awareness, and scientific exploration. This series is not just a showcase of physical prowess and daring feats but also a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. As viewers, we are not just spectators but also participants in a journey that holds profound implications for our planet’s future.

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