A Whitewater Romance Release Date, Cast, And Everything About This Hallmark Channel Movie

A Whitewater Romance movie will be released on the Hallmark Channel in May 2024. It’s like other Hallmark movies where people fall in love, but this one has an exciting twist – they do it while rafting down wild rivers! Let’s know about its release date, cast, trailer and everything.

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A Whitewater Romance Release Date

“A Whitewater Romance” will be released on May 11th at 8/7c. That’s when you can watch it on the Hallmark Channel. So, mark your calendar! It’s a movie about love and adventure, and it’s perfect for everyone to enjoy.

A Whitewater Romance Cast

Here’s the cast list for “A Whitewater Romance” presented in a simple and easy-to-understand format:

  • Cindy Busby as Maya: Imagine the ultimate girl boss! That’s Maya. She’s super smart and ambitious, and maybe a little bit uptight. But when she gets thrown into this wild whitewater retreat, she might surprise herself!
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Matt: This guy is all about adventure. Matt’s totally at home in the outdoors, and he loves a good whitewater challenge. He’s also a nice guy, so watch out for sparks flying between him and Maya!
  • William deVry as Jim Burdett
  • Supporting Characters:
    • Various Retreat Attendees: Other people at the retreat who Maya and Matt interact with.
    • Whitewater Rafting Guides: Guides who help Maya and Matt navigate the rapids.
    • Local Townsfolk: Friendly locals who Maya and Matt might meet during their adventure.

That’s the cast! This movie is directed by Jason Bourque and written by Juliana Wimbles.


Maya is a smart girl from the city who loves work but doesn’t know much about having fun. One day, she’s stuck at a boring meeting in the mountains. That’s when she meets Matt, a cool guy who loves the outdoors.

They end up working together on a crazy whitewater rafting trip! At first, they don’t get along. Maya’s scared of the rapids, but Matt is super chill about it. But as they paddle through the wild water, they start to see each other differently. Maya learns that Matt is more than just a mountain guy, and Matt sees that Maya is braver than she thought.

Maybe it’s the fresh air or the excitement of the rapids, but Maya and Matt become good friends. They laugh and work together, and Maya even starts to enjoy the ride. By the end of the trip, they realize they have something special, but they wonder if it will last once they’re back in the real world.

“A Whitewater Romance” is a story about facing fears, finding adventure, and maybe even falling in love while riding down a wild river!

How To Watch

You can watch “A Whitewater Romance” when it premieres on Saturday, May 11th at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. Just tune in at that time to catch all the romance and adventure! If you miss it, keep an eye out for it on streaming platforms later on.

“A Whitewater Romance” is a movie about finding yourself, working together, and falling in love while going on a super exciting whitewater adventure. If you want to watch a happy film that’s also thrilling, you should watch this one on the Hallmark Channel.

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