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Summer House’s West Wilson Admits Breakup with Ciara Miller Was ‘My Fault’ as She Confesses Lingering Feelings

In a heartfelt revelation, West Wilson of Bravo’s “Summer House” has taken responsibility for his breakup with co-star Ciara Miller, attributing it to his issues with commitment and the pressures of reality TV fame. During a candid interview, West acknowledged that his inability to engage in the relationship fully led to their separation, reflecting that he often blamed external factors for his reluctance to date seriously.

West Wilson with Ciara Miller

On the other hand, Ciara Miller admitted during the show’s reunion that she still harbors feelings for West. Despite the breakup, she emphasized that her emotions were genuine and that she felt West got everything he wanted from the relationship, while she received very little in return. Ciara’s comments reflect the emotional toll the breakup took on her, as she questioned whether West’s feelings were ever truly genuine or if he was merely using the relationship for a storyline​.

Candid about his fear of losing his independence, West confessed that giving up his single lifestyle was a significant challenge. He described the breakup as mutual and respectful, but in hindsight, he realized the validity of Ciara’s feelings and frustrations expressed during the reunion​.

The two have maintained minimal communication since their split, and it remains unclear if they will reunite in the next season of “Summer House.” West mentioned that the dynamics of their relationship would likely be addressed early if they do end up living together again for the show.

As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the remaining episodes of the “Summer House” reunion, hoping to see more clarity on whether West and Ciara can mend their relationship or if they will go their separate ways for good​.

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